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Sakal Robo System

Persistent Changes for the Betterment

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Sakal Robo System

Persistent Changes for the Betterment

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Why Virtual Commissioning?

Commissioning a real plant involves various tasks that are often time-consuming, costly, and risky. Virtual Commissioning offers an innovative alternative by simulating the commissioning process with a virtual machine or plant. This approach eliminates geographical constraints, reduces on-site costs, and minimizes the risk of delays in scheduled start-ups. With Virtual Commissioning, the real controller and original software can be tested independently of the location and state of completion, ensuring a smoother and more efficient commissioning process.

We are proud to be

BSFZ certified Organization

We have received the BSFZ certificate from the Research Grant Certification Office (Bescheinigungsstelle Forschungszulage) of the German Government’s Education and Research ministry. In 2022, we submitted a Virtual Commissioning and Digital Twin project, which was conducted internally within our company, to demonstrate our work in new and emerging areas. 

We consider the BSFZ certificate as a testament to our continuous efforts to push the boundaries of technology, explore new possibilities, and deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients. It reinforces our commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements and positions us as a trusted partner for organizations seeking innovative and future-oriented services. 

Our Technical Expertise

Seamless Integration with FMU

Unlock the Power of Virtual Commissioning with Our Innovative Software

Our cutting-edge software enables the generation of FMUs from PLC signal files, opening up a world of possibilities for virtual commissioning. With the ability to import the FMUs into any simulation software, you can achieve seamless co-simulation with WinMOD and unleash the full potential of your automation systems. Experience faster, more efficient commissioning processes, reduced costs, and minimized risks by exploring the capabilities of our groundbreaking product.

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