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Sakal Robo System

Persistent Changes for the Betterment

Virtual Commissioning Success Story

Behavioral Models Library Development

Automaker, Germany

Project Overview

Sakal team collaborated with an automaker to develop a comprehensive Behavioral Models Library for their welding, bonding, material handling, riveting, and testing processes. The project aimed to create a library of behavioral models that could be utilized across multiple versions of the automaker’s systems. Leveraging advanced software such as WinMOD, Simatic Manager, TIA, Rockwell Studio, and WinCC, our team successfully delivered a versatile and efficient solution.


The project encompassed the following key aspects:

Development of a Behavioral Models Library

Our team worked closely with the automaker to develop a library of behavioral models for different processes, including welding, bonding, material handling, riveting, and testing. The models were designed to be compatible with multiple versions of the automaker's systems.

Integration with PLC Logic

We integrated the behavioral models with the existing PLC logic and conducted thorough testing to ensure seamless functionality and accuracy. Real I/O integration allowed for realistic simulations and comprehensive validation.

Virtual HMI Testing

To create a live situation, we conducted testing with virtual HMI interfaces without making changes to the underlying logic. This approach allowed for the evaluation of different scenarios and optimization of system performance.

HIL & SIL Demonstration and Validation

We performed Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) and Software-in-the-Loop (SIL) demonstrations to validate the behavioral models. This ensured their reliability and effectiveness in real-world scenarios. The models were validated in collaboration with the customer to meet their specific requirements.

User Manual and Training

Our team provided a comprehensive user manual to assist the customer in effectively utilizing the Behavioral Models Library. Additionally, we conducted training sessions for the customer, OEM standard developers, and suppliers to ensure successful implementation and utilization of the library.


By collaborating closely with the automaker, our team successfully achieved the following outcomes:

  • Working Behavioral Models Library: We successfully developed a functional Behavioral Models Library that encompassed various processes, including the Bosch screwdriving system, Atlas Copco NutRunner models, RFID systems from Siemens, Cognex vision systems, and more. The library provided the automaker with a comprehensive set of models for their VIBN and digital twin projects.
  • Versatile and Reusable Models: The developed behavioral models were designed to be compatible with multiple versions of the automaker’s systems. This enhanced versatility, allows for the reuse of models across different projects and versions, thereby saving time and effort in the development process.
  • Enhanced Collaboration and Efficiency: The collaborative approach between our team and the automaker resulted in improved collaboration and enhanced efficiency. The behavioral models library facilitated streamlined development processes, ensuring consistent and reliable results across different systems.

Customer Satisfaction

The successful development and implementation of the Behavioral Models Library resulted in high customer satisfaction. The automaker benefited from the versatile library, enabling them to efficiently simulate and optimize various processes. The user manual and training provided by our team ensured the seamless utilization of the library by the customer, OEM standard developers, and suppliers.


The Behavioral Models Library development project for the automaker exemplifies our commitment to delivering innovative solutions and driving operational excellence. By leveraging advanced software technologies and our expertise in behavioral model development, integration, and validation, we provided the automaker with a powerful tool to enhance its simulation capabilities. Contact us to learn more about how our Behavioral Models Library can optimize your manufacturing processes and accelerate your development projects.