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Sakal Robo System

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Sakal Robo System

Persistent Changes for the Betterment

FMU Generator

Introducing our FMU Generation Software

Virtual Commissioning made easy


Our FMU generation software revolutionizes the virtual commissioning process by bridging the gap between simulation software and WinMOD. With our innovative tool, you can effortlessly generate FMUs from PLC signal files, enabling integration with any simulation software that supports FMU import. This empowers you to perform comprehensive virtual commissioning, even if your preferred simulation software lacks a direct interface with WinMOD.

Key Features

FMU Generation

Our software seamlessly converts PLC signal files into FMUs, facilitating smooth integration with various simulation environments.


Leverage the power of co-simulation by combining your simulation software with WinMOD, allowing for comprehensive testing and validation of your automation systems.

Export WinMOD Signal File

Easily export WinMOD signal files and connect to WinMOD using WinMOD Net connectivity, enabling real-time interaction and synchronization.

Enhanced Efficiency

Reduce commissioning time and costs by identifying and resolving potential issues in the virtual environment before physical implementation.

Risk Mitigation

Minimize risks associated with commissioning by thoroughly testing and optimizing your automation systems in a simulated environment.

Co-simulation with 3D Experience and WinMOD

Our FMU generation software goes beyond compatibility barriers and facilitates seamless co-simulation between 3D Experience and WinMOD. Even though 3D Experience does not have a direct interface with WinMOD, our FMU generator acts as a bridge, enabling data exchange and delivering a comprehensive virtual commissioning solution for manufacturing companies. This integration allows for synchronized simulation and testing of complex systems, ensuring optimized performance and minimizing commissioning risks.