With data being available at lightning speed, organizations face challenges in making quality data accessible in an accurate, meaningful, and secure way. Be it a small, medium, or large organization, data is central to digital transformation and the cornerstone of some of the world’s most valuable businesses. The Data Management function is the backbone and first step towards building a data-driven intelligent organization.

Along with the volume of data, there is the additional complexity of applications available on-premise and on the cloud. So, now there are applications on multiple public clouds, private cloud, and on-premises. The data management team’s role has become even more interested in integrating data from all these applications and providing a holistic view of the business.

Machine Learning and Predictive models need a massive volume of training data to achieve a high accuracy level. But, the big question which a data scientist always asks is data reliability. So, Data Quality is essential and not Data Quantity. Organizations do NOT want “Garbage In Garbage Out Solution.”

Sakal team is providing expertise and support to help you build a robust Data Management solution. Our data engineering team has vast experience building central data platforms for small, medium, and large enterprises.

Data Engineering

  • You have a legacy data platform on-premises and need help on moving to a cloud data platform?
  • Your business is growing, but data for new sources are not available in your central data platform?
  • Are your data science and analytics team spending more time on data cleaning and less on improving analytical models and deriving data insights?
  • Do you want your data platform to support real-time ingestion and reporting?

All the above and many more similar problems need a robust data engineering team to help you design and build a modern data platform.

Data Visualization

  • You do not have a dashboard on your phone on daily and weekly sales?
  • You have all the data but not able to generate insights from data?
  • Your business needs to raise a request to the IT team to create reports instead of having knowledge and access to build your reports.

Our Visualization and reporting team can solve problems like the above and help you build beautiful, impactful, and insightful reports and dashboards.

Data Governance

  • Did your Marketing and Finance team report additional revenue for the same customer segment?
  • Do you not know if the right data sets are used for your advanced analytical model?
  • You do not want to show customer sensitive data like name or phone number to your teams within your data platform.

All the above problems occur due to a lack of Enterprise data catalog and data security frameworks. Our team can work with you to build Data Governance solutions for your organization using the best technology and tools.